Designing customised growth plans that are both practical and attainable in order to achieve niche opportunities in the region.


Providing sector-specific insight into Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve sustainable commercial expansion.


Our tailored expansion solutions are created to honour compliance regulations and mitigate risk.


Our service evolves with your changing needs as your expansion strategies mature.

Africa has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting investment destinations…

“A new frontier of opportunities, with a burgeoning middle class and demographic dividend – roughly 70% of Africa’s population is under the age of 30 – that promises enormous potential for the future.

While growth has tapered off with the drop in commodity prices, resource-rich African economies have been forced to diversify resulting in new promise and opportunities in alternative sectors from manufacturing and retail to financial services and processed agricultural goods. These are the new drivers of African growth and development, many of which remain relatively unexplored. What is more, African growth is set to rebound, complimented by strong institutions and improved economic diversity.

Africa’s rich potential is self-evident but in an environment still relatively unknown and undeniably complex.  Conventional approaches of assessment and due diligence will not suffice. Partnering with an experienced entity with knowledge and networks on the ground is key.”

Professor Lyal White
Senior Director: Johannesburg Business School (JBS), University of Johannesburg

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