Meet our Captain

“The required diligence to consistently improve my deliverables to the organisation within which I function has driven my career during the past 25 years.

I have effectively performed in highly charged commercial and political environments which in turn have revealed unprecedented new markets, demanding customers and unimaginable hurdles all of which have fostered a personal management style of adaptability and customer-centric problem solving.

I strive to create an environment of sustainable success through the collective expertise of my team, which I personally cultivate through mutual respect and empowerment.

During a time of crisis, I lead by example and maintain calm productivity through evolved procedures and an atmosphere of decorum.

I believe in the bygone era of a gentleman’s handshake; as well as balancing work devotion and family life to ensure a solid base from which my team and I invest in the organisation we serve.

I have an “open-door” policy and welcome engagement from my team and my clients. I am continuously learning and evolving my critical thinking through direct interaction with the region I have served for almost 30 years.”

Sven Moeller

Executive Director
Bow Wave Advisory Group

Professional Experience:

  • 25 year career in senior management of a DAX 30 multinational organisation, devoted to Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Inception and management of the Sub-Saharan Regional Office as well as the growth and training of the evolving team while introducing operating best practices.
  • Driving the steering committee targeting key emerging markets in Africa and determining associated timelines while ensuring corporate compliance, maintaining governance standards and risk mitigation.
  • Responsible for Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy; directing the evaluation process for determining selected African target countries.
  • Conceptualising market penetration strategies in the fields of industrial plant activities specific to oil & gas, mining and power plants.
  • Spearheading the standardisation of operating practices in the region and ensuring modalities are harmonised and maintained throughout the new trade locations while expanding the organisations footprint.

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